We only deal direct with the end corporate user.

Adding value is where we are at

We only deal direct with the end corporate user

We are often contacted by conference event organisers and fund raising events. 

Back in 1984 we decided that our goal was to add value in a truly commercial sense. We could simply provide lists of names of speakers that some of our competitors do. This would make us a commodity! Speakers aren't all the same not are they a "product" in the true sense of the word.

At SNZ we add value to what you are doing. Return on investment is what we're all about. If you're going to invest in a speaker at $5,000.00 then you can expect a minimum return of $25,000.00. Otherwise why are you doing it?

We do not work with charity, fundraising organisations because it is a specialised field. We do not have a core competency in that area.

We do not deal with event organisers. We deal directly with the end user client. We take the time to listen, ask questions and ascertain what the client is looking for. We do this before we diagnose and recommend speakers.

If that makes sense to you then we'd love to work with you.