David Nottage

In August 1996 David competed in and won the World Championship of Public Speaking in St Louis, Missouri, USA, becoming the first (Australian born) New Zealander in the 70+ year history of Toastmasters International to win the coveted award.


David Nottage is an Australian born New Zealander, a Kiwi with an attitude – an attitude for success. He has come a long way, from someone who was too scared to speak in front of a group of four people to being a dynamic presenter who captivated over 2,000 Toastmasters to win the ultimate pinnacle in public speaking, the World Championship for Toastmasters International. 

David is a Director of a New Zealand based company that provides training in effective and powerful business presentations and other communication based modules including team building & leading and sales presentations. The company’s motto is; "Presentations that work for life" and he certainly practices what he preaches as is evident by his many successes. 


As an MC (Master of Ceremonies) David has few equals. His involvement ensures the success of any conference. He can se the scene with the opening, keep the programme running smoothly, ensuring balance and continuity. In some cases he has stepped in to fill for speakers who run short or don't show up. And more importantly David knows how to keep the programme on time. Comapnies use David time after time and know that with him in the chair their conference is guaranteed to be successful.

As a keynote speaker David has inspired and motivated thousands of people to fulfill their ambitions. He has spoken internationally at conferences and has motivated people the length and breadth of New Zealand. His message is simple; “Dare to Dream” and he empowers his audiences to cast off their fears and doubts and to take on change with enthusiasm. David always tailors his presentations as a keynote speaker to meet your conference theme and criteria.

His style is humorous so that the message sticks, that way it remains effective.