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"Your call will be monitored"

Wednesday October 25, 2017

I called up my web-hosting company today to renew a domain name. I could do it on-line but when I opened the renewal page it showed various credit card options but only allowed Visa and Mastercard. Anyway that's by the bye.

Not really expecting a human to answer and being told that I was "next in the queue" I decided to hold. Then came the announcement from on high;

Your call will be monitored and may be used for training purposes"

What is this all about? Am I not their customer, should they not be pleased I am phoning and wanting me to feel welcome.

When did it start that companies decided to control every interaction and throw any semblence of manners, courtesy or niceness out the window. What speaker or what training course is responsible for this? They should be hunted down immediately and convinced to find another career.

And have you ever tried to point this out when the human does finally find the phone and answer it. If you haven't I would not bother. Most of us are too busy and we just take it on the chin and say nothing. 

Then again some of us decide to start a "blog" and vent. Which is what I'm doing.

I feel better already.